Garden Patios

At Abcacquari Garden Services, we understand that spending quality time out of doors enjoying a garden is a great feeling and a well planned and correctly laid patio can be fundamental in creating an outside space you’ll want to spend as much time in as possible.

We will work tirelessly to design and create a patio that will work seamlessly within its environment, from choosing the right materials, patterns and features, extending lines and geometry in harmony with the landscaping of your garden, through to forming the solid foundations and effective drainage to ensure a long lasting, quality finish.

Garden Driveway Block Paving

Paving fashions and styles will always come and go – everyone went crazy for crazy paving in the 70’s – but expertly designed and professionally laid garden paving will constantly perform and outlive rushed and improperly prepared paved areas.

We have the garden paving knowledge and experience to lay the foundations for garden paving that will look just as good in the years to follow as when freshly placed and a large network of suppliers to call upon to source a multitude of paving materials and sizes.

Garden Walls

A well constructed wall can take many shapes within the garden environment; from tall, boundary and enclosing walls, through to a short course only a few inches in height used to great effect to bring our landscaping designs to life.

Our extensive knowledge, coupled with a wide supplier network means that we can source a wide variety of brick, stone (and concrete) in just as many shapes that ensures that a Abcacquari Garden Services built wall performs just as well structurally as it does aesthetically.


For hard-landscape wall building, decorative concrete blocks are by far the most popular type of walling block with many attempting to replicate the look of natural stone, to varying degrees of success. They tend to be produced in differing lengths and depths to further enhance the look of coursed walling stone, with ‘jumper blocks’ spanning two or more courses.

For hard-landscape wall building, the decorative concrete blocks are the most popular type of walling block. Many of these attempt to replicate natural stone, to varying degrees of success. They tend to be produced in differing lengths and depths to further enhance the look of coursed walling stone, with ‘jumper blocks’ spanning 2 or more courses.

Garden Fencing, Gates and Trellises

Whether to keep it out, keep it in or keep it private, a well constructed fence can provide, in a multitude of guises, a boon to any manner of garden.

Abcacquari Garden Services has erected miles and miles of fencing over the years and our fencing skills have given us a very reputable reputation in fencing built to last.

Grass Cutting

 Whatever the size, every grass lawn needs regular mowing; without doubt it is most important task in maintaining a healthy lawn, and getting the correct cutting height and mowing frequency right can make a huge difference to the ongoing health of your lawn.

Mainly mowing lawns between March and October (in recent years February to November), Abcacquari Garden Services will take the hassle out of cutting your lawns – all to an agreed schedule which we’re happy to advise on, making sure to take into consideration grass and soil type, root depth , shade, exposure and drainage. We have a squadron of meticulously maintained and serviced mowers of all shapes, sizes and powering which we have arrived at culminating from the many years of knowledge and experience we have in using all degree (and manufacturer!) of movers.

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